Approved event – whats next? 

Hi! We are really looking forward to working with you. Your awesome event is now officially part of Oslo Innovation Week 2018.

 Starting Monday 11 June, we are pushing your events on our channels (website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). In the few next weeks, your potential international attendee will check out the program, sign up and book their travel to Oslo. 

 Below is a heads up for what happens next. If you have any questions now or along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. at the bottom of the page, you will find our contact info. ♥ The Oslo Innovation Week team ♥

Add logo

Please use the Oslo Innovation Week logo on your invitations, powerpoints, artwork, Facebook event, and visual communication.

Download logo here: 

Oslo Innovation Week – Organizers Kit 2018

Add taglines 

Use this text in all your written communication:

”This event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2018, 24-28 September.  #oiw2018 “

Add this text to your event program:

«We hope you join us for the OIW Afterwork at MESH for drinks, fun and networking – every day from 5pm.“.

Use #oiw2018 in all your social media posts.

Do you need more info on Oslo Innovation Week for newsletters, inviting speakers etc? Or images for web articles? Find everything you need here:

Oslo Innovation Week – Organizers Kit 2018

Registration links 
A kind reminder to ask your attendees for name, role, company, email and country. We need better demographic info so that we can better support you and all the organizers now and in the future. 

Join the organizer group on Facebook

Join the community of organizers and partners for best practice, info and updates on other events, speakers and production tips.

LINK: Facebook Group 

Keep sending us updates on your event

We need info on your event and speakers to promote it in our channels and to international media.

As you know attendees sign up for events just as much on the topic as the speaker name itself.
Please include 
title of the talk and if possible a short text on what they will discuss when you submit your full program. 

Submit by using the same link as when applying.
Search for “” in your inbox if you haven’t bookmarked it yet.

And keep in mind the criteria such as 70% women and at least one startup on stage, building bridges (powercouples), creating interactive meeting places during the event.

Communication and Social media

Once in a while, we’ll ask you, co-organizers, your international partner, speakers, and network to share certain social media content and Oslo Innovation Week promo films.

Most event organizers are posting and publeshing their event on Facebook. And we highly recommend it too! Please add us as co-host and title your event:
“OIW 2018: Title of Your Event”.
That way your event will be listed on our page too and attendees know its part of the oficiall program

And what are WE doing? 

In May-June-July

We will publish your event on

We’ll post and promote your event on Facebook and Twitter, the event itself and/or your speakers

We’ll communicate your event to the international media we are inviting.

Join the event organizer meetings

We will meet on 8 June and 28 August for workshops, talks and networking. Subjects related to press relations, social media, growth hacking and marketing to support your event will be highlighted.

In August and September

Just before the event you can send us more info on the event that we’ll send to the international  journalists. Note that contacting local press is your responsibility. We only focus international.

We have some promo material available such as beach flags and posters


During OIW 2018

We’re organizing the Official Opening, the Afterwork at MESH, OIW 100 Pitches++

You’ll get 2 tickets for the Official Opening.

We’re hosting for the 40 international journalists that are visiting

We’re accrediting Norwegian journalists to all the events

We’ll visit your event to post in social media

We have 1-2 photographers that will cover the whole week. So if you’d like to be sure your event is covered, you should have your own photographer

We probably have one videographer that will make content for social media and media


30 Jan 

Startup Hubs meeting

May 1th.


Event application

June 13
Organizer Meet Up
Sept. 24th

Official OIW opening

Mar 20th
Organizer Meet up at Røverstaden

June 5th

Submition Deadline program details and speakers.

June 15th
OIW 2018

Program Launch


Siw Andersen

Siw Andersen

Head of Oiw & PR

Martine Mæland

Martine Mæland

Web & Social media

Jørn S. Haanæs

Jørn S. Haanæs

100 pitches

Fredrik Salberg

Fredrik Salberg

Event Producer