The following list is a guide to help you find a venue, it is not mandatory, or definite.

Reach out to if you have questions regarding venues.

All events must be based downtown Oslo from the City Hall area to Salt including Kvadraturen. (The seafront area of Karl Johan), the list provided, are suggestions on venues.

Decided by the Oslo innovation week board, we require this of our organizers based on previous Oslo innovation week attendee feedback, for the press/ journalist to be able to cover events, and for us as a team to be able to support and facilitate 40+ events.

But do remember that you as an organizer is solely responsible for booking and organizing your event.



Nobels Fredssenter


Gamle Museet


Studio Bloom

Gamle Raadhus - Søylesalen

The Mini Bottle Gallery

The Norwegian cancer Society / Kreftforeningens Vitensenter

Spaces Oslo


Venue Address Contact
MESH tordenskiolds gate 3
Nobels Fredsenter Brynjulf Bulls plass, Oslo, Norge 483 01 000
Salt Langkaia 1, 0150 Oslo
Sentralen Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo
Ohoi Skippergata 22, 0154 Oslo, Norge
Gamle Museet Dronningens gate 4, 0152 Oslo
Ridehuset Kirkegata v/Hovedporten, 0150 Oslo
BALLROOM Nedre Vollgate 11, 0158 Oslo, Norge 21 37 92 61
Studio Bloom Kongensgate 3 0153 OSLO
Gamle Raadhus – Søylesalen, Nedre Slottsgate 1, 0157 Oslo, Norge
The Mini Bottle Gallery Kirkegata, Oslo, Norge 23 35 79 60
Høyres hus Stortingsgata 30
Spaces Oslo Tollbugata 8 A and B, 0152 Oslo


Wondering if your venue is located in the Downtown/Kvadraturen Area? 
Check our map.   the line is drawn at  Aker brygge in the vest ,Karl Johans gate, down to Sørenga in the east


Siw Andersen

Siw Andersen

Head of Oiw & PR

Martine Mæland

Martine Mæland

Web & Social media

Jørn S. Haanæs

Jørn S. Haanæs

100 pitches

Fredrik Salberg

Fredrik Salberg

Event Producer