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tagline 2018:

«Event name» is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2018, September 24-28! Learn more at #oiw2018


About Oslo Innovation Week text 1: promoting

In the overwhelming maze of innovation conferences, it is easy to pick the wrong one and end up feeling that you’ve wasted a lot of time and money. Oslo Innovation Week is NOT one of these events. Why you ask?

Oslo Innovation Week has been named one of the key events for startups and innovation in 2018.No more tireless talks that dwell on the past. No more wishing, hoping and speculating about the future. Oslo Innovation Week brings forward new voices and innovation in action.

Bringing together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers, Oslo Innovation Week is about using entrepreneurship and technology to drive sustainable change and create viable solutions to global challenges and the immense business opportunities they give.

About Oslo Innovation Week text 2: informative

Oslo Innovation Week is a five-days series of events held in Oslo September 24-28. From seminars and talks, pitching contest and hackathons, to workshops, breakfast meetings and company crawls, you will find events all over the city.

Oslo Innovation Week is a dugnad, a collaboration between leading international and local startups, corporates, startup hubs, organizations, the public sector and truly dedicated people who make things happen to host a series of world-class events. The organization is non-commercial and is owned by the city of Oslo and Innovation Norway. Oslo Business Region is project manager.

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 «Event name» is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2018,

September 24-28! Learn more at #oiw2018

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