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Oslo Innovation Week brings 10.000 startups, innovation leaders, technology experts, investors, creatives, decision makers and corporate and public sector leaders together to form new power couples, solve global challenges and move forward. It’s about teaming up with front-runners such as yourself and be part of something bigger!

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What is Oslo Innovation Week?

The dugnad

Oslo innovation week is a dugnad, a collaboration between 147 leading international and local companies, startup organizations, corporates, the public sector and truly dedicated people who make things happen to host a series of world-class events. The organization is non-commercial, owned by the city of Oslo and Innovation Norway. Oslo business region is project manager.

This Oslo innovation week is the 13th edition of the annual conference featuring 50 events such as full-day conferences, talks, mixers, workshops, pitches, and parties. In 2017 10.700 People from all over the world attended. The dates are 24-28 September, and it will take place in two areas: «havnepromenaden» including Oslo city hall to vippa to salt to bjørvika including kvadraturen, sentralen, mesh and Oslo house of innovation and Oslo science park.

Oslo innovation week is about entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation to drive sustainable change. The united nations have defined 17 sustainability development goals.  Oslo innovation week is about bringing solutions to these global challenges and the business opportunities they give.

Being an attendee, an event organizer or a keynote speaker, we all commit to

The Oslo Innovation Week Manifesto


1. We set the agenda for business solutions to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.

2. Actions speak louder than words

Oslo Innovation Week is all about innovation in action, no motivational talks or boring debates about what we or someone else should be doing. No sales presentations either.

3. Powercouples drive the future of innovation

The future lies in bridging differences. Between established businesses and the newcomers. Between public and privat, academia and business. Across borders, disciplines and titles. A powercouple consists of great minds of different disciplines, complementing each other in solving the world’s challenges. All OIW events are powercouples.

4. New influencers are vital to find new solutions

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, micropreneurs, impact investors, tech experts, bold explorers and new thought leaders will have a voice at Oslo Innovation Week.

5. Gender equality and diversity is a no-brainer

Oslo Innovation Week has within its DNA a burning desire to achieve this, and empower all people. (All events are required to show diversity and new voices. We require a minimum of 70% female speakers.)

6. Technology is an enabler, not the answer itself.

7. It’s a dugnad

We, the attendees, keynotes, partners and event organizers – create Oslo Innovation Week together. Networking and co-working are at core of all events.

8.Truly international

It takes place in Oslo, only to bring the world forward. All event organizers have to co-operate international partners.

9. With a shared sense of urgency

The Sustainability Development Goals need business solutions. It’s far too important to count on politicians or NGOs to solve things alone. We all need to step up to find the solutions now.

 What’s next?

1. Create an event

Set the goal for the event, who you’d like to attract and the concept.

Oslo Innovation Week aims to give all participants new useful ideas, new useful contacts and an experience they’ll talk about long after the conference.

Each organizer is responsible of their own event, including program, speakers, venue, selling tickets and all costs.

2. Find an International Partner

All event organizers must have an international partner (co-host, content, communication). Who are you already working with and could this be an opportunity to form new alliances?

3. Send us your event application

Please submit your event application with as many details as possible, such as speakers (booked or working on it) and venue.  Click the button below, fill out the form, and we will get back to you with your application work space. 

What do you get? 

International press

International and local media are invited to Oslo innovation week. In 2017 40 international journalists attended, and Oslo innovation week events/speakers got featured in CNN and the memo.

Expand your network

Expand your network by meeting other local and international organizers. We host meetings and by-invite-only events for partners before, during and after Oslo innovation week. In 2017 147 leading businesses were part of the network.

Tickets to the official opening

The opening event on 24 September at Oslo city hall includes kick-ass speakers and 500 by-invite-only attendees.

Access to the oiw afterwork 

Every afternoon all participants of Oslo innovation week will meet at the oiw afterwork at mesh. Continue the conversation from your event while you get a drink, relax and meet even more new people! 

Promo and event kit

You’ll have a database of photos, texts and digital promo material free to use. Click here to open the database.

Social media

Your event and speakers will be featured in Oslo innovation week’s social media channels, Facebook (12k) and Twitter (4k), and in the Oslo Innovation Week newsletter with 22k recipients. In 2017 OIW reached 78 mill people in digital media.

What you need to do



All events must be based downtown Oslo from City Hall to Salt including Kvadraturen. (The seafront area of Karl Johan) Rent and booking are at own cost and risk. Please click here to view list.

We promote you. You promote OIW.

You have to initiate own and part-take in official OIW Social media and PR activities. The OIW logo and one-liner must be included on all your event material such as invitations, Facebook event pages, websites, banners and Power Point slides.

Follow deadlines

Yes, we know that one is obvious but it’s really important that we get the right info at the right time to create better value to you (> publish on the website, invite journalists). See timeline and deadlines below.

Create buzz

Make sure you leave enough time to attract the right people to your event! Give participants a reason to why they have to sign up immediately!  

How tickets work

Make it smooth for attendees to sign up and choose the best ticket system. It’s up to you to choose. You create a profile and send us the registration link. But choose something that is easy to sign up and ask for this info: Name, Company, Role, Country, e-mail.

All events are required to have a substantial discount for startups.


Siw Andersen

Siw Andersen

Head of Oiw & PR


Martine Mæland

Martine Mæland

Web & Social media


Jørn S. Haanæs

Jørn S. Haanæs

100 pitches


Fredrik Salberg

Fredrik Salberg

Event Producer


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